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    Already own 2 fine instruments - a Givens A-model from the mid 70's and a beatup Hutto also from the mid 70's. But I'm very pleased w/ my new mando, a blonde A-model built by John Hamlett.
    Just got back home from playing it all night at a friend's, and having 3 other fine mandos to compare it to. It sounds bright and loud, has a woody woof, and is just lovely. Fit and finish are impeccable. It's a jewel. Wish John great success and highly recommend his mandolins. Neat one-piece, very lightweight tailpiece. Aesthetically, among the nicest I've seen. Had John put one on my Givens and it improved an already great instrument.

    Just thought John deserves a bit of an "attaboy." Photos in a few days.

    Joe Hannabach

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    Congrats and welcome to the Hamlett Family. I think part of the fringe benefits is free admission to all the pool parties over at the Hamlett Manor....

    I love my hamlett.

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