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Thread: Beware the music teacher scam

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    Hi all,

    Just a freindly warning--some of my colleagues have gotten the "music teacher scam" email again. We always hope nobody falls for this kind of thing but sometimes folks do.

    They start by offering to pay for a large amount of lessons.
    Basically, they send you more money than you would require for the stated number of lessons and then, after you receive the check --but before it clears -- they ask for the overbalance back. They usually want it wired to their account because of some "emergency". Then, of course, their check bounces.

    Here is one that I recieved a few months ago:

    (note that his son's name is John, then later Paul -- if the letter was any longer, he would have undoubtedly been George and Ringo too. You'll also note that this idiot didn't know enough to remove the word "INSTRUMENT" from the official scam template and replace it with something that I teach.)
    Date: February 25, 2007 12:38:50 PM EST
    To: Subject: MUSIC TEACHER

    I am pleased to contact you, my name is Tom liguori from Belgium.I saw your Profile as a Music Teacher.hence, my purpose of contacting you.
    I just mail to confirm if my 14yrs old son (john) can join you in your tutor so that you can help me teach him how to know INSTRUMENT. I so much would love his dreams to come true as a very good player and I am ready to support him both morally and financially.
    I will want you to give me the price of the tutor for 6 months as I will want the tutor to hold 3 times in a week and last for 1 hour daily. Note that my son once had a tutor last October who lost his wife in a car accident and decided to stop teaching inorder to take proper care of his family.Additionally, I would like to know the location (address) where you normally tutor your students, so that I can have idea of where the lessons will be taking place as we are presently out of US,but arrangement have been concluded for Paul to come to US.
    Awaiting your swift response
    Best Regards
    Tom liguori

    Maybe this guy was dumb enough to use his real name, too -- who knows.

    Don't fall for this thing.

    P.S. One of my conservatory colleagues received one of these from "Henry Kissinger" asking for piano lessons for his little son -- he wanted to pay for 3 lessons a week for six months....

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    Ah, the one time it's good to not be good enough to teach someone

    edit: Yet!

    Garnet Bruell

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    Quote Originally Posted by (fwoompf @ June 30 2007, 20:46)
    Ah, the one time it's good to not be good enough to teach someone

    edit: Yet!
    I've heard your could teach

    Lefty JBovier F5 Tradition, Lefty Mid-Mo M1

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