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Thread: BMI strong arming

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    Not trying to stir the pot here, but this is a lot to digest. If this has already been asked, forgive me fro skimming the last 5 pages of posts. Does this apply to parking lot/campground picks at festivals too? Doesn't get more public than that.
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    I believe I could come up with valid arguments for both sides. Actually, off the top of my head I can think of four distinct positions I could argue, but since I'm not a lawyer, I don't know which of them would be most likely to be accepted in court....

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    Quote Originally Posted by (JD Atewire @ Jan. 30 2007, 14:27)
    Does this apply to parking lot/campground picks at festivals too?
    Just a wild guess but I'd imagine the fees paid by the festival organizers would cover any "performances" (stage or jam) that go on at the festival.

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    Quote Originally Posted by (Mando Medic @ Jan. 17 2007, 09:50)
    Can anyone share information with me about know venues or jams that have ceased because of BMI intervention? Or venues that complied after legal pressure? Thanks, Ken Cartwright
    I am awfully late to this party, but I can give you a specific one that actually makes no sense at all. On this page:
    The fellow that holds the first session listed used to also have one on Sunday afternoons at Mr Toad's Coffee House in Cary, NC. They were strong armed and threatened about getting a license even though this was a traditional Irish session and they play nothing but PD music.
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