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Thread: Need advice on purchase

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    I'm looking for some cheap advice on what to buy. I'm an intermediate and have been playing for a few years but still play a Korean-made beginner model. I mostly play old-time, bluegrass and a little bit of Irish stuff.

    I'd like to drop $1000-$1500 on a new instrument and will definitely consider buying used. Any advice? Thanks!

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    A Weber Absoroka is in that price range and is a real nice mandolin,
    btw, this is not cheap advise, it cost me a fair bit of money, buying and selling mandolins,also known as M.A.S.:-)

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    I love my Rigel A+ Deluxe, which you should be able to find for under $1500 used. There's also a Rigel A Natural that's cheaper but I've never played one. I often hang out at Gryphon's in Palo Alto and try some different mandolins. The low end Breedlove's are in your price range and sound and look terrific. They also have a Lebeda A style in that price range that's a marvelous instrument.
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    I love my Flatiron F5 and my A9. I think the A9 is the better value. Look at the flame on this beauty and she plays as nice too.

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    I will second the Rigel recomendation. I love mine and I play a wide variety of music on it. I still have never found an instrument in its price range I would trade it for. It has exceptional playability, great volume, good tone and it is really well made in all respects.

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