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Thread: "parasitic harmonics" on godin

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    "I fitted a Wood Nymph also to my Godin A8. Here the need was more dire - The A8 has saddle piezo pickups - one for each pair of strings. I experienced a lot of "dirty" notes, I think because the piezos are highly sensitive to both sides of the bridge, and there is no "natural" filtering of frequencies by the resonance of an acoustic chamber at this point in the bridge..."

    The above quotation comes from feedback to the Wood Nymph on the Weber site.

    I'm getting an awful "ringing" on the E strings of my Godin when amplified which makes me avoid them as much as possible. I think it's what the guy describes as "parasitic harmonics" or dirty notes.

    Leather under the tailpiece and behind the bridge doesn't seem to help. Anyone else tried the Wood Nympb for this?

    Apparently the usual Wood Nymph doesn't fit the Godin but they made a special one for him. Unfortunately he says he's never had a chance to use it in a loud band setting.

    Also, do those metal saddle pieces on the Godin ever wear and need replacing?

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    Does it have that ringing tone when you fret a note or just when they're played open. Possible scenarios. The slots in the bridge or nut may need some tweeking. They may be cut at a V instead of rounded on the bottom, so the string isn't sitting well. Or, the strings may be vibrating against the frets because the action is too low. Thats a common complaint this time of year as a result of humidity change. If you can't mute it from behind the bridge, and you still get it when fretting then I would say its the frets or bridge slots.

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    "Ringing" tone when fretted, not on open strings. Which would suggest fret buzz or bridge if I get you right.

    The problem is, as you probably know, the Godin action can only be set by shimming the neck angle (The bridge can't be adjusted). And the bridge has those metal saddle inserts which I don't want to risk messing with.

    Maybe I'll have a go at the neck. Although it isn't the typical fret buzz I've experienced before.

    Would I be correct in saying that if you can't dampen the ringing with your hand behind the bridge, something like the Wood Nymph won't help?

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    damping the strings, as with all sliding cover tailpieces, can be done with felt on the lower edge and the top, inside .
    I owned a Godin for a while, no filing should be attempted on the piezos on the bridge , could destroy them that way.
    A primo thing would be a custom longer tailpiece , levered well over the soundboard.
    one that also is as wide as the spacing of the strings, making them parralell past the bridge to TP a short span. #and is adjustable in downward pressure would be ideal.. #about a #30 degree angle, or so keeps the string centered between the pips on the bridge piece. [ I occasionally knocked the top g off the perch] and down angle improves performance of the piezo, according to Mr.R. McLish.
    that is how my 4 string solid body with 4 single string RMC bridge pieces is arrainged [except the string guide is screwed down..]

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    Last night I unshimmed the neck to raise the action. Took the opportunity to clean the fretboard and change strings. There's a bit of conflicting advice on whether to use, or not to use, oil on the fingerboard. I settled for a damp cloth.

    However, I still wasn't happy with the E strings. So I put a bit of leather under the strings on the bridge behind the piezo saddles. That seems to have helped a lot. Will try her in a band setting tomorrow and see how she goes.

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