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Thread: vintage gibson literature

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    I have a vintage gibson catalog from the early 1920's that I aquired 20 plus years ago. I use the catalog in my repair shop as a reference. Included with the catalog was a gibson custom banjo flyer, a gibson accessory catalog,and the 1923 gibson service handbook. I saw a 1923 service handbook on the mandolin archives web page and they stated that it was the only one they have seen. I have one too. How can I find a value on the service book? any thoughts on this would be appricated. thanks
    dick wade

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    I'm sure someone like Dan or Daryl can give you an informed opinion about this, but one possible way to go is to contact a vintage dealer, like Gruhn, and pay for a valuation, just like you would with an instrument; especially if you're interested for insurance purposes.

    And while you're at it, I'm sure others on the 'cafe here would love to see some scans....


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    Hello Dick,

    Very good to hear that you also have a service book! It's hard to place a value on it as it's a very rare piece of paperwork, but I would think at least as much as a nice clean catalog at ~$500. I would be interested to see the accessory catalog, I've never heard of one of those either! You'd have no trouble selling it on ebay and that would certainly help determine fair market value!
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