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Thread: McKenzie Mandola

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    You could spread the angle of the V quite a bit from your design and keep an attractive profile.

    This is the strangest looking approach I've seen, but it looks functional.

    Original images at Carlos Beceiro . Lots more neat stuff there.
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    I actually like that design, but think it would be improved by getting rid of the knobs and using a single key to turn each screw. That would make it much lighter and compact. The V on this instrument spreads out to the top. For using the Steinberger tuners, the V would be inverted, making for a more pointed headstock. Actually, since the tuners are mounted independently, an offset arrrangement could be made with one tuner being at the very apex.

    Here is another view of the headstock to show how tall the tuners are when clamping the string and then how much they travel downward. You can also see that there is no trussrod, but two carbon fiber rods in the neck instead, since the nut is not installed.

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    Woody, Nice design!!! Everything flows together wonderfully! Awesome job!!

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