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Thread: A-Jr peghead screw

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    I lost a screw for one of the the pegheads on my Gibson A-Jr. I know somebody on here has a spare they want to mail me. Thank you.

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    how many pegheads does it have?
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    you mean the one that holds the gear on? A good instrument repair shop will look in a bin of collected
    small parts until they find one that fits.
    that was my solution in a similar situation.

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    I almost ended up buying a whole mandolin for that screw! #Instead I found a used set of tuners on ebay. #The head of the screws are flatter than my originals but they fit and hold. #I'm told that I'm lucky that the screws fit since there was less standardization from year to year back in the early 1900's.

    After losing a second screw recently I now vow to check the screws for snugness every so often. #Happily I still have six left from the ebay vintage tuner set I bought. #

    Send me a pm with your address and I'll send you a screw. #Better yet email a picture of the back of your peghead. #Mine is a 1927 A model. #I don't know if the A jr. used the same tuners. #Hopefully it will fit but don't force it.

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    I have a bunch of 4-36's. Write me offlist. Follow my website link and look out for the spam filter.

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