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Thread: just say no to a lone star

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    I put a post up a while back asking about a lone star for a beater. so, so, replys.
    Found a store in houston that had one. It was made like something you would buy as a toy or joke. Too bad to because the design wasnt bad just the workmanship. The strings we very badly spaced, the bridge didnt even have a groove for one of the g- strings. The inside looked like something a small child glued together. wow I sound harsh ... sorry. It was also 159.00
    Dont even consider one. I hate to be so negative but Id hate to see someone get stuck with one. steve

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    No Lonestar? How about a Shiner or Pearl?
    Keep it acoustic.

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    My pickin' friend managed to find a good enough one, they need setup, by a decent instrument tech, to bring the action down to playable comfort.
    saw another one on the peg in the store that he bought his , action is way high in the bridge, but it can be sawn down to work.
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    Too bad about the Lonestar. I'm sitting with my Paracha-made mandolin, essentially the same design as the Lonestar Venice model. $80 on ebay. Maybe I got lucky: good workmanship, finish, easy action, good intonation, very decent sound for a kitchen axe.

    I was thinking of picking up a Lonestar Roma for my sister-in-law who is studying violin. Maybe you've scared me off. It's a shame the quality is so variable.

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    They are what they are--and for what they are they aren't so bad, IMO.
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    I don't know. I bought one about 20 years ago and just dug it out to start playing again. I have a large mando I built around the same time. It has been in it case for about 15 years. I have been retired for a while and now want to fill my time with playing again. I play guitar but did some recording with the Lonestar years ago. I find the construction to be very good although the finish is a little heavy. The braces are well carved sanded and no sloppy joints I can see. The top and back appear to be solid wood not laminate. action is very good as well as intonation bridge is nice as well brass frets for good tone. So maybe I get got lucky or the build quality was better? Made in Mexico not China and Mexico is suppose to be noted good instruments at least they used to beClick image for larger version. 

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    That's too bad. What I like about the company is that they have so many kinds of south-of-the-border instruments - bajo sexto, guitaron, charango, and so on. But the prices are too good to be true.

    Now I know why.

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    A Lone Star was my VERY FIRST mandolin. The Venice Model. It really needed a set up but it intonated well enough. The tuners weren't spectacular but, I still loved it. I kinda miss it (I gave it to a nephew to get them started). I'm sure the quality varies but, I had a good time with mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celticguitar666 View Post
    ...I bought one about 20 years ago...
    Only seven years before this thread was started...
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    Default Re: just say no to a lone star


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    Quote Originally Posted by allenhopkins View Post
    Only seven years before this thread was started...
    Ouch. Got me again.

    Some forums are programmed to tell you when a thread is past its go-by date. Not this one. Maybe some day . . . .

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    And I thought Lone Star was a beer.
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    Default Re: just say no to a lone star

    Quote Originally Posted by DHopkins View Post
    And I thought Lone Star was a beer.
    I thought it was a country music band from the 90's . . . .

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