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Thread: Weber Bridge Replacement

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    Well thinking of trying to put a standard type bridge on my Gallatin.Tried it once before with a Sullivan Bridge from 1st Quality,spent alot of time getting it to fit perfectly as it was no where close to the correct arch (way too high) and the results on this mando were not worth it.Fit the same bridge to my Absaroka with great improvment in volume.So what I am wondering is Elderly has a bridge listed for $45 but they have 2 different arch types,standard (low) and high.They say the standard is for older mandoilins including Gibson and newer models.They say the high is for modern Gibsons and Flatiron.Does anyone have any experiance with this bridge and which do you think will come the closest to the radius of the Weber mandos?I know the mandos vary from one to the other within the same maker and must be fitted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can get the exact radius from Cumberland Acoustics

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    I put a Randy Wood bridge on my Galatin. Fit was very close before sanding to final fit. I like the volume and tone more than the original Brekke bridge.

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