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Thread: On-Line Sources of Classical Sheet Music

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    I'm famaliar with the Werner Icking site. What else is out there and what do you use?
    Palatable to a Goat: Music from Gregg Daigle and Don Grieser

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    You may want to look at the Mutopia Project site. THere are about 20 or so pieces for mandolins there as well as lots of other scores.


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    Mutopia Project is excellent, too.


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    Hello Don,

    The above are free sources. And you can find there sheet music for mandolin, if you are just looking for any sheet music for mandolin. But if you want to find out something special, then the best source would be It`s paid of course, but the delivery is fast (at least for Europe) and there`s a wide choice (I think the biggest choice, that is offered) of mandolin pieces available. I noticed in recent times they have made it also comfortable for the English-speaking users.

    Good luck!

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    Here are some links I put together that include the major mandolin publishers. #Plucked String Editions publishes some of my compositions and editions, so I can recommend them, of course! #They also import music from the major German publishers.

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    There are two absolutely essential sites for scores that I've been using. No mandolin music, but lots of generally useful scores. The first is This site includes the complete (or nearly complete) orchestral works of Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart (minus the piano concertos), and Tchaikovsky. It also includes the complete Mozart string quartets and quintets. There are also a lot of Bach organ works, including Art of Fugue and Musical Offering.

    The second site is This site isn't quite as nice, and it's a little harder to find stuff, but there are still some very useful scores here. There's a lot more Bach, including the 2 and 3 part inventions/sinfonias, the french and english suites, keyboard partitas, Goldberg variations, and both books of WTC. There's also some good stuff under Beethoven, notably all 32 piano sonatas. The rest of the site is pretty much hit or miss, but there's probably some good stuff that I haven't found yet.

    Hope this helps!


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