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Thread: Super condenser mic, cheap!

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    I've been at two jams in the past couple of weeks where the sound was great using a single mic for up to five perfomers. Turns out this great sounding mic is on sale at Musician's Friend for $50.00. It's the MXL 990. I'm not a sound engineer, but I was struck by the quality of sound compared to the run of the mill music club multi-mic setups, and I plan to get one of these to record my own practice. You can work 4 to 5 feet away from this mic and still get excellent sound from voice and instrument..

    It's a large diameter condenser mic, shock mounted, and requires 48v phantom power. Maybe not a great recording mic, but for low budget PA, it's gotta be pretty hard to beat. NO affiliation, just thought I'd pass on the info about a great value.

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    I have the mic along with the instrument mic that comes as set that Guitar Center was selling a while back. The cost was $90.00 for a large frame diaphram mic and a shotgun instrumet mic.

    I use these mics only for recording on my Yamaha AW16G and it works fantasic.

    Not the best condensor mics you can buy but for home recording on a budget it is a great deal.

    I did try and use the large frame mic for a small gig one time and it worked OK but we were more familiar with the SM56's and 57's so we switched back.

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