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Thread: Scotland Mandolin Holiday

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    I was browsing my mandola search in the big auction joint, and I came across this auction for a 'residential weekend Scotland'. #Hmmmmm.....

    Now seems a good time for the disclaimer, I have no financial nor personal interest in this sale, nor in the promotion of the event.

    Here's the text:

    # # # #
    Annual Mandolin & Guitar
    Residential Weekend
    “Celtic meets Classical”

    24th-26th March 2006
    Wiston Lodge, Lanarkshire, Scotland


    note: this ebay add is for information only, if you choose to use the buy it now we will send you a hard copy of the information and the application form….. or….. you can simply cotact use by phone or email.

    Further information and directions will be sent to you. If you would like to find out more about the weekend you can speak to Barbara or Ian on 01698 457518 or email

    Course outline

    This weekend is aimed at anyone (from beginners to advanced players) wishing to improve their mandolin and guitar skills.

    This is the 4th year of the residential and I can tell you that it has always met with great success and very positive feedback……….. places will fill up very quickly so if you are interested, please don’t delay in applying, If you wish further information you can contact Barbara or Ian by phone or email, details as above.

    An integral part of the course will be individual or small group tuition.
    An instrumental technique class will introduce the participants to a technique programme that will help you to continue your technical progress beyond the weekend.

    The weekend’s topic will be “Dances”. We are going to explore dances from different times and styles.

    In our first workshop we will look at the main characteristics of dances in Scottish music and the music of the 18th century.
    During the workshops participants will have the chance to play or explore music in your preferred style. There are a range of workshops on offer and all participants are asked to indicate their 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. #Please see the back for a more detailed description of the workshops on offer.

    In the ensemble will play three pieces in different styles.

    The aim is for everyone to be able to further their knowledge and ability in their preferred style alongside getting to know a bit more of the other music that is around.


    Nigel Gatherer- Celtic Mandolin
    An outstanding mandolin player Nigel Gatherer has taught Scottish music in classes and to individual students for many years. His students learn mandolin, penny whistle, guitar, and music in mixed instrument groups.
    Nigel works with the Scots Music Group (Edinburgh) and is senior mandolin tutor for Glasgow Fiddle Workshop. He also writes and publishes music and collects books and records concerned with traditional music.

    Frances Taylor - Classical Mandolin
    Frances Taylor was a pupil of the internationally acclaimed virtuoso mandolinist Ugo Orlandi, she studied the Italian school of mandolin playing at Padua Conservatoire. In 1992 Taylor also gained a M.Mus in Performance and Related Studies from the University of London.
    Frances has given solo recitals throughout the UK, she has undertaken concerto work with various orchestras. An enthusiastic teacher of mandolin, Taylor has created a special project to introduce young people to the mandolin.

    Alan Jones – Mandolin, Mandola, Bouzouki, Guitar
    Alan is currently teaching mandolin for Glasgow Fiddle Workshop and the Lanarkshire Guitar Mandolin Association at East Kilbride Arts Centre. He comes from a Celtic background and plays a variety of fretted instruments amongst. The former leader of the Ceilidh band Hot Toddy Alan has many skills to offer.

    GUITAR #TUTOR.. To be advised

    Barbara Pommerenke-Steel –Course Co-ordinator,
    Ensemble, Guitar & mandolin
    A qualified guitar and classical mandolin teacher Barbara is the co-founder of the Lanarkshire Guitar and Mandolin Association and as it’s principal tutor, runs several weekly mandolin courses for adults and children. She is the conductor of the Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra “Da Capo Alba” the Youth Orchestra MGYO and currently chairperson of the British BMG (Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar) Federation and Vice President of EGMA (European Guitar and Mandolin Association)…… a busy lady

    Individual or Group Tuition
    In these sessions we will try to address your specific needs, sort out problems etc.
    It is important therefore that you let us know of any specific/ technical difficulties that you have…. Then we can try our best to “get you sorted”.
    Obviously if there are a group of individuals with the same needs (for example complete beginners) then we would use a group tuition setting.
    Other more experienced players may need “one to one” tuition to sort out particular problems.


    (Participants should indicate their 1st 2nd and 3rd choices on the “workshop sheet”)

    Workshop 1: Celtic Folk
    Nigel Gatherer will explore how tunes, originally from Scotland, were absorbed into other country's traditions, and how they changed to reflect local styles.

    Workshop 2: How to make a danceable set
    Many people enjoy making up sets to tunes. But more is needed to make up a set to which people can dance to.

    Workshop 3: Baroque Music
    Frances will explore the dances of the 18th century. You will learn about their characteristics and interpretation.

    Workshop 4: #Ensemble playing
    This workshop gives you the chance to play as a small group. Each group can choose its own pieces from the preferred style.

    Workshop 5: #Bouzouki for beginners
    This one hour workshop will give you an introduction to the bouzouki.

    The Venue - Wiston Lodge

    Wiston Lodge is located within the beautiful surroundings of the Upper Clyde Valley. The former hunting lodge, built in the late 19th century offers the perfect setting for a music weekend. The Lodge sits at the foot of Tinto Hill and is the "Home Base" of the Tinto Folk Festival. You can find out more about Wiston from their web site at

    Accommodation is in 2– 6 bed rooms. Single rooms are limited and may be available on
    Request but we cannot guarantee Special food requirements can be met.


    £135 #Members of the Lanarkshire Guitar and Mandolin Association (LGMA)
    £145 #non-LGMA members.

    I don't quite understand what's on auction, maybe it's the course tuition cost... #Which seems pretty cool, IF one is already on the Avalon Isle... <GG>

    Here's the actual URL:

    <a href="
    rdZ1QQcmdZViewItem" target="_blank"></a>

    Looks to me like a cool event.


    steve V. johnson

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    OK, finally I read more carefully... &lt;GG&gt;

    It's just an ad for the event, there isn't anything really on auction...

    Clever, it worked on me! &lt;GGG&gt; (I'll have the trout, please, and a double MacCallan, neat...)


    steve V. johnson

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    Default Re: Scotland Mandolin Holiday

    I have been toying quite seriously with the idea of offering a mandolin /farming/culture /scenery type of stay at my farmhouse in the Scottish Highlands.

    What would people hope to get out of such a venture, I wonder? Would there be much interest?

    David A. Gordon

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    Default Re: Scotland Mandolin Holiday

    When I go to Scotland it's generally for the great outdoors, so it would be walking, learning some new tunes and techniques and a session or too. Looking at where you are, some sailing too Farming would not be of huge interest to me, I don't mind looking at a cow but I have no desire to milk one, culture would depend what you were offering. Themed weeks might be a way to go.
    - Jeremy

    Wot no catchphrase?

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    Default Re: Scotland Mandolin Holiday

    When I go walking in Scotland I often fancy a tune or two but this rarely works out. It should be simple to hire a climbing hut or lodge for a group of musically inclined walkers if enough could be rounded up. Dagger's idea of a cottage might work too for a smaller group.
    mainly Irish & Scottish but open to all dance-oriented melodic music.
    Mandos: Gibson A2, Mike Black A4, Taran Springwell, Shippey Rosewood; TM and OM by J E Dallas (London) & Davidson.

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    Default Re: Scotland Mandolin Holiday


    Interest, yes...commitment (at this time in my life), err...

    This fits somewhere in the mix of Pete Clark's Dunkeld Bridge Week;

    and Alasdair Fraser's Skye week;

    of things I must do before I die.

    If they (and yours) somehow could line up that they be done consecutively (July-Sept?), I'd consider that a good opportunity (if not prima causa!) for my first retirement trip.

    Jim Sims

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    "Me?... I don't practice."

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    Default Re: Scotland Mandolin Holiday

    I think there would be interest. Getting away from everyday life for a few days to focus on music is a common paradigm for workshops; and the combination with the great outdoors works for the many seaside festivals and for specialist workshops such as Phil Beer's folk boat. There's never a guarantee, but a mandolin workshop on a farm has some appeal.

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