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    Just a note to let you know, I have bought another set of Pettine's 7-volume method, they have just arrived at my office, and I am on my way to donate them to the Music and Dance Library of The Ohio State University. I imagine processing will take some time...and then I imagine they will take a little more time at the bindery to make them appropriately durable to withstand the clumsy manhandling of awkward student-types, but then they will be available to loan through the university and Ohiolink library systems. I hope somebody out here in MC-land finds a way to enjoy them, and somebody else might follow suit with donations of more classic mandotexts to public institutions.

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    Is this a set you have just found or is this now being republished?

    I dream of Pettine, Bickford, Calace, Munier, etc. all being back in print.


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    Plucked String, Inc. has these methods in stock (complete sets), contact Norman Levine of PSI directly since he may not have these books actually listed in his catalog. I know he has some now, so hurry if you are interested. Calace is available from Calace in Naples (helas, just a photocopy), Munier is hard to find and I have only a few copies left that I could be persuaded to sell. Bickford, shamefully has been neglected and, other than vol. I, very hard to find. It should be given another printing since it is well written and extremely enjoyable to work from.

    For anyone seriously interested in learning mandolin, I would try to get all of these methods. For the casual player, Bickford might be enough. Pettine's is the most comprehensive and Munier's studies are the most satisfying musically.

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    I must add —from the perspective of one who has plucked and picked blithely since age 4 (let me see, now, how many eons is THAT?...), yet has had zero training at any picked instrument— that these texts are a delight beyond description. Up until, oh, 2-3 years ago, all I had known were standard-issue violin methods/etudes and, of course, the folk/popular repertoire that I imbibed since infancy.

    So, let me take this opportunity to mention, once again, how immensely, enormously, profoundly grateful I am to all of you for opening up this whole world to me. Thank you, one and all, friends!

    The good news: The Café, as an institution, is most certainly succeeding in its raison d'etre. The not-so-good news: I must, I MUST try to make time to go through this material in a somewhat more, err... studious manner. Oh, well... Sum total is positive.
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    how long does it take plucked string to get stuff out? is it one of these order and three months later you have your stuff deal? .. just want to know what to expect.....

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    Nope, Jim, it's not back in print. The set I have just donated came via Plucked String, Inc. #Plucked String asks a slight premium on the Pettine "School" to augment the non-profit Plucked String Foundation, a cause for which I am willing to pay a slight premium to support.

    My order arrived in just under one week from the time I spoke to Norman and placed it via phone. #He tends towards mighty quick if what you're seeking is in stock. #Much of his printed catalog is produced by his own firm and readily available; much of it comes from European sources (e.g., Trekel), and it could take a while if he doesn't have it on hand. #Thus, it's usually a good idea to call and ask.

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    I recently received my copy of the Pettine from Norm. I placed my order last August. He notified me about a week before sending it that his shipment had arrived. If he has them in stock I would order one RIGHT NOW. If they are out of stock, the wait could be lengthy.
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    He still had four sets (or three, I don't know if he was counting my order or not) when I ordered last week.

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    is the plucked string phone number bad? I cant get thru.... I faxed them... and emailed....

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    301-530-1749 was working last week.

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    I am on the waiting list. raneiri,, I use the calace pick though..... I should be able to work something out there.

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    Does anyone know of complete sets of the Pettine method for sale or download anywhere?

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    Unfortunately, I do not. The set discussed here should be available for inter-library loan: However, it looks like two volumes are checked out and overdue.

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    <Please limit selling activities to our Classifieds per our posting guidelines>
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    needless to say any sale would result in a donation to the cafe

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    I'm interested in buying your Pettine and Bickford books. How can we discuss?

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