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    Default Very confusing

    Iíve been a member of different forums for years , and just joined Mandolin Cafe recently , but I have to say , this is the most confusing forum to navigate around , confusing and not very user friendly at all , I donít think Iíll be hanging around here too much

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    Welcome to the forum. Sorry you feel that way. There is a lot of great info packed into the Mandolin is well worth the effort to dig around.

    Regards, Adam

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    Come now...
    It is no different from any other forum on the web...
    You want forum topics, click the big Forum link.
    You want to buy or sell, click Classifieds.

    If you want to find something specific, use the Search to find past threads talking about that subject.
    Your subject of interest not presented? Then start a thread and ask a question.

    Easy peasy.
    Don't stress.

    It is just mandolins.
    We all love mandolins.
    Stay around and love mandolins with us.

    Or don't, and enjoy other avenues of Mandolin interest.
    Hope you have an awesome day, regardless.
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    Default Re: Very confusing

    Quote Originally Posted by Damir Besic View Post
    I don’t think I’ll be hanging around here too much
    …Just long enough to sell your; 2018 Gibson Black Night F5-G in the Classifieds?



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