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Thread: Flat top for blues?

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    Iíve owned a Northfield Calhoun, and also an Arches ft-o, which is a similar flat top mandolin. I really liked both, but my favorite mandolin for blues is a 50ís Di Mauro with a deeper body, that is also the least expensive of the three. There is something different about the voice and the way the deeper body projects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by journeybear View Post

    That's great, but I was slightly confused by the uploader using a picture of the british comedian of the same name lol.

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    Ha ha ha! Good eye. Yeah, no idea why he did that, nor included "Guitat Boogie" in the image. I had a choice between this and an image of the single. I went with this for a bit of a giggle. There was a third option, video of a turntable playing a scratchy old single - pass.

    Here's a video of the "real" Arthur Smith for comparison. I guess it's from his long-running TV show. Apparently he had the first country music television show to be syndicated nationally, running for 32 years. He also founded the first recording studio in the Southeast. And he wrote "Feuding Banjos," later known as "Duelling Banjos." I never knew this before I went digging. And he definitely had some chops.

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    I would also experiment with strings. I had phospher bronze on my mandolin, but after I recently had it refretted these strings sounded way too bright for that blues sound. I switched to those nickel strings and what a difference. The wood and the craft are important but try different strings. After all, without the strings, even the most exotic wood is just that, a hunk of wood.

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    I have those nickel strings on my Strad-O-Lin. I really like the sound.
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