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Thread: Cajun Stomp (by Mark Schatz) on solo mandola

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    Default Cajun Stomp (by Mark Schatz) on solo mandola

    One of the things I love most about traditional music is the way that tunes naturally evolve over time and space because of the aural nature of how the tunes are passed on. Cajun Stomp is a tune composed by multi-instrumentalist Mark Schatz. I was taught this tune by whistle and flute player Brian Finnegan one day in class at the University of Limerick. He said he had picked it up from some musicians in the States while he was passing through on tour. So to summarize: I am playing my version of Brian's version, of some old-time musicians' version of Mark Schatz's tune. I have to wonder what Mark would think of how his tune has changed as it crossed back and forth over the Atlantic.

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    Just Wow.
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