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    Default Seattle Folklife

    Haven't been since I lived in Seattle 30 years ago. That was before I started mandolin and didn't do a lot of guitar picking or fiddle playing.

    Looks like I may be over there Saturday evening (5/27) and Sunday 5/28. Is there a jam scene around Seattle Center during Folklife? Or is it (as I remember) a crowded sea of humanity where you wouldn't even have room to strum a ukulele?

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    Seattle has a great scene these days! Most aren't super crowded - but nicer weather usually brings more people. Most often if there's a lot of players, the jams will add a second circle or something. That said, some jams (like the he Outlander jam) aren't happening this week due to the memorial day weekend etc. I think Conor Byrne is still on for Sunday. I'm in HV NY this weekend, but if you're ever in Seattle, don't hesitate to reach out to me Always love meeting folks from the cafe in person.

    Sunday - Outlander brewing around 7p - 10p. Decent size jam usually not too big but sometimes breaks off into two jams if there's a lot of folks. When it's nice, we're usually outside too. This is a bit of an advanced jam at times - sounds like High Road and Garfield's Blackberry are commonly called along with standards.

    Monday - Conor Byrne around 7p - 1a. Limited to 10 people jamming at a time on the stage but sometimes there's a second outside jam too (the jam host hates the second circle - but he's on medical leave with a shoulder injury, so it happens now haha). Mostly intermediate style jamming - some very good players, some very new players etc.

    Monday - Hidden Door around 7p start. This is hit and miss - every other week it's a gypsy jazz jam too. I don't go to this one as often, but still nice. Not too big usually, but can get there.

    Tuesday - Red Hen around 7p start until we get kicked out (~11 - 1am depending on the night). Same folks from the Outlander jam but also has a beginner / slow jam at the start these days. I may start doing weekly mandolin workshops at the slow jam too. This can have some non-bluegrass tunes as well - but usually played in BG styles (Eye of the Tiger is a fun non-bluegrass tune called every so often - usually by me haha). Generally this is pretty small - I think it's maxed out around 10 people from what I've seen)

    Wednesday - Machine brewing for now 7-9p. This will be going away as Machine Brewing is moving locations, but for now it's a pretty solid jam. Usually has two circles. Very beginner friendly - which is both a blessing and curse for a variety of reasons. Also not strictly bluegrass - blues tunes often make it in the jam (someone played House of the Rising Sun for example). This is larger but again, dual circles are common.
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