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    This current on Goodwill (with one cent shipping) doesn’t have good photos, especially the label, but is 1990 MN. Beyond the shape, which looks even more un-ergonomic than a bowl back, appears to have an entirely one piece body and neck with a spruce top, manufactured fancy purfling used at 90 degrees as binding, and possibly some other innovations. And decalcomania too.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    That shape is why I ended up selling my balalaika, just not very comfortable unless playing standing, and even then rather ungainly. I do like the creativity though, and I wonder how it sounds.

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    and I wonder how it sounds.
    Probably not very good given that bridge position.
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    I saw it sold, any of you the proud new owner? I actually have a different mandolin inbound from Goodwill, so restrained myself from the bidding war on this one.

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    For reference, this triangular, tulip-adorned piece went for $88, on only three bids, which doesn’t mean anything specific: could have been a friend of the builder, someone who knew more than the listing, or just someone like me who would like to hear it or bolt it to the wall. However, shipping was only one cent, and my experience so far is that most of the SGW locations pack mandolins quite well. If anyone here is the owner — how does it play?

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