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    Is this the appropriate place on the Forum to ask for Guide price on a vintage Swedish instrument intended to be offered for sale on the Classified site? I do not want to break any rules - ex, long time since group member, but well out of touch and have no idea as to the value and don't want to pitch it wrong.

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    Potential market prices are often discussed here, together with the details that often matter, such as local scarcity, condition, provenance and even the reputation of the seller and their after-sale support. If a seller can describe condition and playability in detail, prices are easier to guess. And, of course, good photos are useful.

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    IMHO this may be a borderline case. Yes, we some of us do value instruments but also are not announcing that they are selling it here. I would wait until Mike E or one of the other moderators post here. If they say it’s ok otherwise you may have your whole thread shut down.

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    Well, I am not going to argue with a man of 30,000+ posts Jim, I will wait for a Moderator to advise. I thought it better to be up front about the reason for the re-join and posting. I did think it might be ok to ask for a guide price as the Classified's are part of the overall body of the M/Cafe and I have listed instruments before, years ago, but so long that I can not recall my User name, never mind password and it was presumably on A.N.Other/previous email address! I am in the Uk and a private individual with just the one to go and would be making the 2% contribution if sold via the Classified Site, so not likely to become a regular occurence.

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    The Guideline’s goal is to prevent self-promotion in the Forum. If you start a thread to discuss your instrument for sale, that’s not allowed. Someone else can talk about your items in the Classified as an independent party within the Forum, but any participation from you will either be deleted, or the threat would be shut down. We would ask that you continue these communications and responses through Direct Message.

    If you start a thread just describing a personal instrument you intend to sell in the near future, cataloged with pictures and information, at Moderator discretion, we could lock or delete that thread.

    We’ve a history of individuals setting up fake accounts for the purposes of discussion or promoting their wares. Getting caught doing that gets you permanently banned from the Forum and selling privileges in the Classifieds.

    The broad stroke is keeping commerce (I want to buy/sell item for…) separate from the Forum.
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    Understood Ted. I'll probably just advertise it at a guesstimate and see where it goes. If I am way off (high), someone can start a thread and tell 'me' that bloke is having a laugh! I think the IT may have recognised some previous listings from my name / address, but I am not clever enough to find any past posts using the search facility, hence the rejoin.
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    Instruments may well vary in value depending on where they are for sale- simple supply and demand. Something worth X in the USA may well be worth X+ in Europe for this one simple reason.

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    Default Re: Valuation?

    I saw the OP's instrument in the classifieds. I'm not that up on exchange rates, but it looked nice and went fast.
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