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    Hey folks - does anyone know where one might find a case that would fit the Hamilton de Holanda model Rozini bandolim? It's extra wide - about 13 inches across the bout. It didn't fit a baritone uke gig bag I got.

    They appear to be out of stock on the Kalango website, and I also wasn't sure about the international shipping. Any options/ideas appreciated!

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    Ethan, I’d the bandolim about the same size as the Toole mandolin? I think the Toole is about 11.5 inches across, but I think the bag it came with was a bit big, width wise. I will measure it tonight. I need to dig it out.

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    Most bandolims donít fit in standard cases. I have one in one of those oddball cases from a few years ago with a window in it and Stone-something in its brand name. It was designed to fit odd instruments and came with added padding. I doubt they are still made.

    Maybe a case or a gig bag for a resonator tenor banjo? Or you may have to order one from Rozini or other Brazilian company. Good luck!

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    The Blue Heron Bag that came with my Toole is only 11" wide. You might want to contact them. It would avoid the shipping and duty fees:
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