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    Hello all! I have been lurking here for a couple weeks and finally registered. I am very new to playing an instrument and I picked up a Gold Tone OM-800+ from Elderly, since they do setups on their instruments. I was drawn to octave mandolin from a general interest in unique folk music (big fan of Faun, Wardruna, and the like). I started off with a nice Saxon lyre but now I want to learn an instrument that can play in many different keys. Also, I enjoy all the types of music that are typically played on mandolins.

    So far I'm working on sight reading and fundamentals of technique, including up and downstroke picking and strumming.

    I have a mandolin coming as well, since I had some funds saved up and I'd like to have the best of both worlds.

    Anyway, glad to be here and thanks for the wealth of info on these forums!

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    Playing a funky oval-hole scroll-body mandolin, several mandolins retuned to CGDA, three CGDA-tuned Flatiron mandolas, two Flatiron mandolas tuned as octave mandolins,and a six-course 25.5" scale CGDAEB-tuned Ovation Mandophone.

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    you're in good company Hexvaldr, there is a lot of enthusiasm and nerdy interest in Octave mandolins ( or Octave mandolas), mandocellos, mandolas, cittern's, zouks, blarges, you got any other names for those instruments?

    back in the early days of the Cafe the octave mandolin was a thing of mystery, now they have entered at least the common speech of the mandolinist, and are way more available and affordable. I'd like to believe some of the interest and discussion on this very web site promoted that trend.

    remember we do want to hear what might be the dumb question and we do want to know the latest thing you're working on.

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    Welcome and be prepared for some frustration, sore fingers, broken strings and A TON OF FUN. Best of luck.

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    Welcome, I am fairly new to the mandolin and even newer to the OM, but there is something about the OM that is just what I like. Maybe its more of a melodic instrument. I have played guitar for a while, so I have some background in stringed instruments. I am doing the OM course with Joe K. Walsh on Peghead Nation, and I am finding it really helpful. Some of the music theory and tricks are over my head, but if I take it slow, I can usually pickup what it's going on. Welcome and good luck ii is a fantastic journey.

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    Welcome! +1 for Faun & co. +1 for Eluveitie (Chrigel plays an OM). also check Jim Richter's youtube channel. I have an electric pickup for my OM, sounds great with distortion and effects. Now go make some noise, break some strings, grow some calluses! Octave mandolin delivers the goods:

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