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Thread: Howdy Forrester - "Earl's Breakdown"

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    Default Howdy Forrester - "Earl's Breakdown"

    When Glen Duncan speaks, I listen.

    In his eloquent “Blue Moon of Kentucky” video, he gets around to Big Howdy Forrester, and credits him with being one of the the most important Bluegrass Fiddle Architects, despite the lack of his recordings in the style, with “Earl’s Breakdown” being the exception.

    I have since listened to it (and Paul Warren) enough to have satisfied myself that Howdy is playing all three breaks, because Paul Warren is also credited on the record. Sally Anne Forrester, Bill’s one and only Accordion Player, was Howdy’s wife.

    Interesting that Howdy's fiddle only made it onto one track, and that Flatt & Scruggs were inviting guest artists like Everett Lilly, when The Foggy Mountain Boys were such a tight crew.

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    Default Re: Howdy Forrester - "Earl's Breakdown"

    Dang ...... that was just outstanding. Would that have been Curly on the mandolin break?

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    Default Re: Howdy Forrester - "Earl's Breakdown"

    I think it’s Everett Lilly on mandolin.
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