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Thread: Wide Mandolin Strap

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    Default Wide Mandolin Strap

    Hello, I’m after a wide (over the shoulder) leather F style mandolin strap, about 1 1/2 to 2” over the shoulder. I’ve searched on line but had little luck, or come across bespoke makers which are lovely, but out of my price range. Recommendations please.

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    Default Re: Wide Mandolin Strap

    I just made a 3 plait inside braid strap for a new old mandolin I just purchased. If you are interested in a braided strap send me a pm.

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    Default Re: Wide Mandolin Strap

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    I just bought one from Pinegrove leather......excellent

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    I have several from Pinegrove - I believe our old late friend and cafe member, Ivan Kelsall had some input into their original designs - and they will make up anything withinreason you can dream up but they’re not cheap and you don’t say what your budget actually is.

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    Default Re: Wide Mandolin Strap

    I’ve made many over the years, I just love doing it. I’ll try to post a pic of the one I made that I’ve been using for many years.

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    Maybe consider adding a wider strip to your current strap. This can be done with basic, household tools. Just cut an appropriate sized piece and then cut a slot near either end of it that you could thread your existing strap through. Boom, instant wide strap with minimal investment. Any leather shop would likely have offcuts available that could be utilized for this purpose.

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    It's not leather but it's inexpensive and works:

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    I recommend:

    Levy's Leathers M17SS: The strap is 2 inches wide and is made from high quality leather.
    Franklin Strap FMS-BK-SB-CH: The strap is 2.5 inches wide and made from premium leather.
    Lakota Leathers 2" Bison Mandolin Strap: The strap is made from bison leather and is 2" wide.
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