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Thread: Another misidentified MandoBird

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    Default Another misidentified MandoBird More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Another misidentified MandoBird

    Wow. Mandobirds are really going for that much these days? Yep. In fact, it looks like often enough they're being offered for $500-600. I paid a third of that for each of mine some dozen years ago. Maybe I should dust them off and put them up for sale.

    Wonder what is that white streak on this?

    Apropos of nothing, my search parameters coughed up a song named "Mandobird" by a band called Danger Painters. They seem to be a nearly fictional band, members living in different cities and collaborating on recordings via the internet, playing live very seldom. It has nothing to do with the instrument, nor is one played on it, and seems to be a bit of a takeoff of "The Cuckoo," though it mentions some magpie-like behavior. You can listen to it here.

    Well the Mando
    Is a pretty bird
    And will raise you like their own
    With no plan to leave
    Till it’s the right time to leave you
    Till it’s your turn to fly

    Well you played songs
    For nothing
    And you’ve played songs
    For gain
    O the joy that you bring
    Whatsoever you sing
    Everybody sings along

    Well you bet that guy
    Your Chevy
    And he raised you
    His Ford
    Now you’re both
    Pitchin pennies
    ‘gainst the back of the church
    Cryin’ why me lord

    Well the Mando
    Is a pretty bird
    And it watches as you try
    The good job you’ve done
    The good man you are
    Bring a tear to your daddy’s eye
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