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Thread: Octolindo owners - experiences thread

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    Default Octolindo owners - experiences thread

    There is a little chatter about these instruments on the forum but I thought it would be helpful to have a place to share our experiences with these instruments.

    Mine is a Deluxe F, and in my "searching" thread I posted the neck measurements:

    Mine came from a cafe member and so already has strap buttons installed. I'm a huge fan of D'Addario elliptical strap buttons so will probably pick up another set of those.

    I've got some questions for anyone else who owns one!

    - I asked Kilin Reece about string gauges, thinking I would like something a little heavier than the stock 12-46 set. He told me the JP 2265 (14-48) "seems like it would be a little excessive for how this instrument is built a .014 tuned up to E would be very very tight". I was surprised to hear this. Has anyone tried it? 14s on 22" Webers are normal, but those are totally different structures.

    - Anyone install a pickup? JJB prestige 220 seems like the simplest. I have a Schatten HFN in a guitar and absolutely love it, so I may try that here...though the F holes will pose a challenge.

    Thoughts/experiences/photos welcomed!

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    One thing perhaps worth noting - the KR Strings branded string sets say the G course is 46 but it's actually 44, at least the set that was in the case from the seller. Makes me feel better about ordering Elixir 47s to try.

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    I finally got around to putting the heavier strings on - these are 13, 22, 32, 47. I ordered singles of PB nanoweb from juststrings (NFI) for the wound and GHS LJ13s for the plain strings, since I think the gold is pretty.

    I used Frank Ford's old tip for removing ball ends from strings.

    The tailpiece hooks are almost too large for this to work, but so far so good. I was able to coerce the loops on there, by starting sideways (string pointed perpendicular to the neck), sliding it on the tip of the hook, then gently pulling it into the right orientation. All are holding so far, and the heavier G and E fit into the bridge and nut slots without difficulty. Even with 0.047 vs 0.044, there's still some string rattle on the G course, which I think I'll just have to live with.

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    Got a capo today - I ordered the Shubb C5-r ("banjo capo", radiused). The radius was much too tight, so I took the sleeve off and gave it a few taps with a hammer to straighten it. Fits well now!

    I contacted Kilin about a bracing diagram as I consider installing a Schatten HFN "Short" - this one should fit between the X braces. Based on the attached picture he sent me, there should be about 2.2 inches between the X braces, right beneath the saddle where this pickup should go. More on this over the next couple weeks...

    As much as I like phosphor bronze strings on my guitar, I'm thinking they're too bright for this one. I'll give it a while longer but may look into getting a set of monel strings. I've never cared for flats on guitar or mandolin but might give that a shot too.

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    Default Re: Octolindo owners - experiences thread

    Thanks for sharing your info…I am intrigued by the fun octave offering. Can you post sound or video of your preferred string selection?
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    Perhaps eventually! I don't really have a recording setup sadly.

    Soliciting opinions on this pickguard...right now it doesn't fit in the case, so it must be cut down. Thoughts between these two choices? The first is based on a Benedetto archtop and the second on a gibson L-48.

    What would you do?

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    Well, it's done! I'm not 100% sure I love it, because of the acute angle between the bracket and the edge of the guard. Either way, time to stop second guessing it and start getting used to it! Cutting was a bit nerve-wracking, since the wood is both very hard and easily chipped. Patience paid off.
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    I have been (probably) foiled in my grand plan to install a Schatten HFN "Short" in this OM. The top actually has a center seam reinforcement! So, the three feet of the HFN won't be able to evenly touch the top.

    I asked Schatten about shortening the center foot - we'll see what they say. I'm considering just sucking it up and installing a JJB, which means buying a new appropriate preamp...which probably will still end up about the same price as the HFN.

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