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Thread: Old Time Jam- Richmond, Va. area

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    Default Old Time Jam- Richmond, Va. area

    Hello, anyone knowing of an Old Time Jam being held in the Richmond, Virginia area please give me a heads up. Thank you, Matt

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    Default Re: Old Time Jam- Richmond, Va. area

    Let us know what you find. There used to be a Sunday Jam at the Cary Street Cafe, but I don't know if that is still going on. I am not local to Richmond.

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    Default Re: Old Time Jam- Richmond, Va. area

    intermission brewery. I think it's the first Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. Also, perhaps Legends Brewery is still going on? If you want to find Bluegrass, there's a Facebook group led by Ric Bergstrom.

    Many of the jams I used to go to are no longer. . .

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    Default Re: Old Time Jam- Richmond, Va. area

    The old time jam at Legends Brewing is still active, and very good. They usually meet on Tuesday nights a couple of times a month, I think. I have been there once. Contact Aubrey George at for the specifics. I also just found out about a jam in Fredericksburg on the 3rd. Sunday. I think Aubrey has the details for this one, too. Plan to make it up there sometime soon.

    If you want to drive about an hour, my wife and I coordinate the Williamsburg Old Time Music Group. We normally meet on the 2nd, and 4th Sunday at the Williamsburg Community Chapel on John Tyler Highway (rte 5) in Williamsburg. We start at 2:00pm and play for a couple of hours. You are welcome to come by, anytime. If you PM me your email address I will add you to our distribution list.

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