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    I have a friend who has gotten into building and repair, mostly guitars. He has someone who has a kit double neck guitar and wants a cherry Gibson SG style finish and was asking my opinion.
    I haven't done much of that kind of thing but from watching Dan Erliwine videos I suggested spraying dyed lacquer, usually adding Colortone or other dyes into clear lac.
    But a quick trip to the Stewmac and ReRanch sites showed that rattle cans are what they are pushing.
    Is this because of a lot of amatuer builders or does it have to do with trying to get lacquer out of circulation?

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    It is easier to sell a $15 can of finish than a $300 compressor + $200 spray gun + all of the accessories......

    For projects like the one you mentioned, I always send them to Matt Eady in Athens, GA or one of the other established finishing professionals.

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    I just looked at Stewmac's current finishing supply offerings.
    They are still selling nitro by the quart, along with a hefty supply of dyes.

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    There are different types of spray can nozzles with different characteristiscs available. With a bit of practise they might be useful for a single job.

    At one time you could get an adapter for a spraygun/airbrush using the air from a spare tyre.
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    Jeez, for a few dollars you can buy a bottle of Everclear, a jar of olive oil and a baggie of shellac, a few handkerchiefs, a bag of cotton batting, and have than enough to french polish a gorgeous finish or three. dave

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