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Thread: Ad hasnít show up for me. Ad #196237

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    Default Ad hasnít show up for me. Ad #196237

    Hi, submitted the ad 11/20 and I canít find it still. Not sure your window for approval. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Ad hasnít show up for me. Ad #196237

    If a first-time ad is submitted and doesn't pass the tests we use to evaluate unsafe use--which can be due to the email address, the IP or masking thereof, the content, a combination of all of these, etc., then the ad is not approved and no notice is sent. There is a lot more in the evaluation process which is not available for public information. This is why we don't have any spam ads nor spam replies and why a lot of people who have been removed form the site for ignoring posting guidelines (this did not apply to you) cannot use the resource. For further information do not use the Forum to inquire about Classifieds policies. The Forum and related activity is unrelated to what goes on in the Classifieds which utilizes entirely separate security procedures. Instead, please us the Contact form link at the bottom of every page on the site instead.

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