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Thread: String idea for my Zouk

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    I have a Gold Tone bz1000, I tuned it to open G (dgbd) went from octave strings to double strings, have already put lighter strings on it as Gold Tone recommend. Just a thought, if I remove a string on the d and g course, maybe the same on the b and d, it would be like a Plectrum guitar. Not sure I will do it but just wanted some thoughts.

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    If the soundboard of that guitar-body zouk is braced more heavily than a tenor guitar for the tension of 8 strings, then you're likely to lose some volume if you go partial or full single strings.

    You might need a truss rod adjustment too, for the lower tension pull on the neck. Other than that, I doubt you'll hurt anything by experimenting with fewer strings.

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    Thanks for the input, good points. It’s just a thought really. My son will soon start building me a Plectrum guitar, so I’ll probably just wait for that.

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