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    Another winter restoration project. Guitar shaped 12 string mandolin with 3 string courses. I understand that not too many survive…too much string tension. I’m wondering whether it’s reasonable to channel a truss rod under the fingerboard? Anyone have experience with these?

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    Actually a lot of bowlback 12 strings have survived especially the OS (Oscar Schmidt) ones. They just built them heavier. You don’t mention what sort of work is needed but I am sure it can’t hurt to inset some sort of reinforcing rod in the neck perhaps carbon fiber?

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    A mandolinetto has guitarshaped body and 4x2 strings, a mandriola has mandolin body and 4x3 strings so I don't know what that makes yours :-) Mandrionetto ?

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    Guess I’ll find out when I get it. ��. Let y’all know.

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