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Thread: Me / And / Dad (Billy Strings) Mandolin Transcription Book

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    Default Me / And / Dad (Billy Strings) Mandolin Transcription Book

    Yesterday I was chatting with my fellow mandolin buddy Thomas Cassell (go check him out if you aren't familiar with him, and he jokingly said, "Btw Iím waiting on a mandolin book for the new Billy Strings album. Ronnieís playing is 🤌🏼🤌🏼🤌🏼."

    I took that as a personal challenge to see how quickly I could get Ronnie's parts transcribed and out into the real world. Turns out it was a day's work! So here is the transcription book of Ronnie mandolin parts on Billy Strings brand new album Me / And / Dad.

    No mandolin solo is safe... And yes, I realize this album came out yesterday. New record for a transcription book?

    You can find it here:
    Mandolinist for Henhouse Prowlers and Westbound Situation

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    Default Re: Me / And / Dad (Billy Strings) Mandolin Transcription Book

    That's some amazing work, Jake! Thanks!
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