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Thread: RIP Loretta Lynn

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    RIP indeed
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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    Yes, RIP, really sad. I just read an article about Patsy Cline too.

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    I heard Loretta perform at the Ryman many years ago. I am thankful for the authentic music she shared and that she lived a very long life. She was the real deal, that sweet and talented woman. May Loretta rest in peace.

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    She was a true pioneer and down-to-earth. RIP.
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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    So sad....she was one of the sweetest, kindest professionals I have ever met.

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    From the CNN obit:

    President Barack Obama said Lynn “gave voice to a generation, singing what no one wanted to talk about and saying what no one wanted to think about.”

    True that.

    We give props to Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Dylan, Joan Baez etc.
    We need to acknowledge Loretta Lynn as being an important a voice for change as well.

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    She was an icon.

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    Just heard "Fist City" on the radio the other day, brought a smile. She was a no nonsense and down to earth woman. Rest in peace Loretta.

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    Just heard it on the news a little bit ago. Always liked Loretta, RIP.

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    Saw Loretta about 10 years ago in a small theatre in Daytona Beach, Florida. She told the audience that she had fallen and cracked a rib. She was struggling a bit, but her voice was sublime. Fantastic show, old school all the way.

    Rest In Peace Loretta

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    Loretta Lynn was a grandmother at age 29; she came from an incredibly difficult background of poverty, teen motherhood, and gender discrimination. Her talent and her determination -- plus relative family stability and support, hard-won by overcoming initial disapproval -- got her out of Butcher Holler, on the stage and on the radio, and to the White House to get a Medal of Freedom.

    They did an NPR obit of her this morning, and the background was her song The Pill, celebrating the ability of women to control their lives "through chemistry." Never afraid to express her opinion, or stand up for her principles. Ninety years, frankly, wasn't enough -- but we can thank her for an amazing career and a cultural contribution that may well last another century.
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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    Missed seeing her because my band had a show that same night! She was more that something! Just a amazing woman, writer performer and apparently cook!
    The heavenly band is sure getting big!
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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    I never saw Loretta in person, though I sure saw her on TV and heard her plenty over the years. She had a style, grace, and forthrightness to her music, especially her writing, which has never been equalled, let alone surpassed. Her music and lyrics may have been uncomplicated, but were not simple - words were carefully chosen for their meaning, clarity, and impact. She could tell it like it is - and would. And did.

    I was intrigued by something someone said somewhere, that she had more songs banned from the radio than all those banned by male singers put together. I don't know if that's true, though I do know a lot of songs in the 60s ran into, ah, issues with the music establishment. I think a lot more got censored - offending words dealt with somehow - than outright banned. So this may be true, for all I can tell. I saw a list of five of her songs, though I also saw a quote of hers saying there were eight. This article claims there were 14 which I don't buy - I'd like to see them enumerated. (I think they included songs that were pulled off of streaming services, a different protocol.) Those five were "The Pill," "Rated X," "Fist City," "Wings Upon Your Horns," and "Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mind)." I knew "The Pill" would be one, but I wondered what the others were. Surprised to see "Fist City" there - what, too violent? And "Don't Come Home A-Drinkin'"? What in tarnation is wrong with that? Ah, different times, I guess. As much as the 60s were about people freeing themselves from inhibitions and restrictions of the 50s, there was considerable backlash from conservatives. I guess Loretta was too "uppity" for a lot of people, I'll bet mostly men, wanting to keep them "in their place." Seems Loretta wasn't having it, and spoke plainly, honestly, and truthfully about what she'd seen and even lived through. Like "One's On The Way," which, though it was written by (Key West's own) Shel Silverstein, captured pretty handily what life was like for young mothers, including herself. It might have been one of the other banned songs.

    Another aspect of her I really, really, really liked was her presence, especially the way she talked. She was so engaging, charming, and gifted with a wry sense of humor. I imagine it would take a lot of that for her to make it through the rough first quarter or third of her life and rise above what would make most people bitter. I came across this chat with Letterman that really got me. Enjoy!

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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    As great a music icon as she was, what stands out most to me about Loretta Lynn is her genuineness coupled with her honesty. What an amazing woman! In thinking about her and the music, I am compelled to give a nod to the late, great Levon Helm who, imho, did such a wonderful job portraying her father in "Coal Miner's Daughter". Two of the truly great American singers. Add George Jones and Tammy Wynette and I would put the four of them on the Mount Rushmore of American traditional music.
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    Default Re: RIP Loretta Lynn

    Quote Originally Posted by allenhopkins View Post
    Loretta Lynn was a grandmother at age 29;
    I'm still trying to do the math on that one....

    I'm showing my age, but I do remember in the 8th grade two of the prettier girls in our class got "sent off to a convent" in middle of the school year....with ABSOLUTELY no explanation to the rest of our class...

    Loretta was a great talent, for sure. And original. And honest. I remember her on a talk show years ago, probably Johnny Carson where she told a story, actually laughing at her own lack of knowledge when taking her teenage daughter to the doctor. The doctor asked Loretta, "do you know if this girl has ever had sexual intercourse?" She didn't want the doctor to think she didn't know what he was talking about, so she answered, "I don't know, Doctor, but if she needs it you be sure to give it to her!"

    RIP Loretta Lynn

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