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Thread: Western Montana Events and Jams

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    Default Western Montana Events and Jams

    Looking for events, gatherings, jams in Western Montana
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    Default Re: Western Montana Events and Jams

    Check out the Rocky Mountain Bluegrass Association. They host several events in the Missoula area. The old time fiddlers have gatherings several times a year and advertise on the radio. Good place to meet musicians. If you’re in the Helena area, PM me and I can get you in touch with some pickers here.
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    Default Re: Western Montana Events and Jams

    Are you looking for Missoula, Bozeman, or elsewhere?
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    Default Re: Western Montana Events and Jams

    A mandolin event: Wednesday 7:00 Compton and Newberry playing at LCHS auditorium Eureka Check out the Sunburst Foundation site for particulars, or Mike Compton's site

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    Default Re: Western Montana Events and Jams

    Western Montana covers a lot of area. Montanamatt is correct to try and narrow that down a bit.

    Check out for contact info on MT Old Time Fiddlers
    Old time may or may not be your thing, but they know a lot of people that play.
    Their president Isaac Calender is a great resource, great musician and all around nice guy.

    Here is an upcoming event of theirs.
    Flathead Electrical Co-Op
    Sunday, October 16⋅3:00 – 5:00pm
    Kalispell, MT United States

    Winterpick in Gardiner MT in January. A good time indeed.

    Talking to Dave and Candace it sounds like Fiddlers Picnic could be up and running in Livingston, MT this summer. If not there will be several smaller jams during the summer.

    Take Victor Daniel up on the Helena, MT idea. Lots of good music and musicians up there. Good folks.

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