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Thread: Live Mic for Mandolin Recommendations

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    I agree about the Dyn-M, it’s a great contact pickup. You quickly get used to the couple-of-minutes routine of installing it, and carefully recasing it when you’re done for the day. When you want to move on from The Loar, it will be right there ready for you to use on your next Mando.

    FWIW I often use a Shure SM 137 condenser mic which would probably work well with your Loudbox (phantom power required). A versatile mic if you’re switching instruments and don’t want a tangle of cables and a bunch of different pickups. Good for vocals too. Unidirectional so doesn’t pick up a lot of extraneous sound, even though you don’t have to be right up next to it.
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    I'm another fan of small diameter condenser mics when stage volume doesn't cause feed back. I've used an AT pro 37 successfully on guitar and mandolin. From two feet away you can chop without overpowering the mix and move in to 6-8" for lead. The EQ curve is basically flat giving a more natural sound and because you don't need to be right on top of it, there's more air in the sound. There are more high frequencies present because they're not lopped off like they are on a vocal mic so you may need to adjust EQ. Phantom power required of course. $169, mine was made in Japan.

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