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Thread: Longshot, but anyone around Southern Finland?

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    Smile Longshot, but anyone around Southern Finland?

    Howdy, I'm a 23 year old American living in Finland and I'm looking for people to jam or play with. I'm not all that great at mandolin, but it sure would be fun to meet and jam with other players. Willing to travel around a bit for it, so if you're anywhere near Finland, don't hesitate to reach out.

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    Default Re: Longshot, but anyone around Southern Finland?

    Hi there, I've been compiling links to still-active European bluegrass camps and festivals. Maybe these will help you. Festival season is over but hopefully you can get in touch with other fans and players.

    Ruotsinpyhtää Bluegrass Rendezvous Helsinki Finland Finland´s oldest bluegrass festival, first held in 1988
    Haapavesi Folk Festival Haapavesi Finland end of June

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    Default Re: Longshot, but anyone around Southern Finland?

    Wave-faring, I just pm’d you with a tip, including a Bluegrass contact I made in Helsinki in 2020. The website is very informative. If you can’t manage the Finnish yet, your browser probably has a translate function to get the web text into English. Onnea (Good luck)!

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