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Circa 1981 Stefan Sobell Archtop Guitar Used

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Vendor: Stefan Sobell
Type: Instruments
Price: 7850.00
We can't be exact about the year on this exceptional Sobell as the builder wasn't adding serial numbers to his instruments until later. But Stefan Sobell does remember the guitar, and there's only one quite like it. Made with nicely figured mahogany back and sides, and a carved red cedar top, it was first sold to A-list Scottish singer Rod Patterson, who was then with The Easy Club in Edinburgh. Although Patterson has continued to play Sobell guitars, this particular one came back to Stefan years later in need of refinishing and was then sold to an American in the Bay Area, and 20+ years later it has landed here. It's in exceptional condition with only a couple of light finish dings to the top, and only very light fret wear, as it hasn't been played in many years (the last owner primarily played mandolin). We can't claim the Hiscox case is original, but it's what Stefan Sobell shipped it in when selling it the second time, and the same is true of the tuners, bridge and tailpiece.
Sobell began building flattop guitars in 1983/'84, and made only a few archtops after that. Stefan's early archtop models like this one were based on his 1930s Martin C-1 with round soundhole. This particular mahogany/red cedar example has a unique sound and combines the smoother tones of a typical Sobell flattop with the clarity and balance good archtops are known for. The quality of the wood-working both inside and out is proof that Sobell hit his stride very early in his career, and thankfully he has continued to work to the same high standards today.