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Thread: Global Musical Instruments NYC Bowlback

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    Default Global Musical Instruments NYC Bowlback

    There was a thread from 2006 but rather than revive it as it had little info, I have started this one.

    This mandolin labelled as Globe Musical Instruments of New York was for sale in the UK. I bid on it but as it is a bowl back, I was a bit half-hearted and did not win but it looked like a nice instrument. Waverly tuners and tailpiece and a pickguard of a type not seen usually on a bowl back. A John Grey of London bridge as well. The seller did not give a shot that showed all of the headstock but in the Washburn book there is a photo of a headstock from 1916 that may be the same. I don't know who made it and as I did not win, I will not get a closer look. It is not an expensive instrument but it was quite nice and well made and I suppose I was thinking if it was a wreck- and I don't think it was, there's a leather case, cloud tailpiece and nice tuners as compensation! I was thinking it was from the teens or 1920.

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    Default Re: Global Musical Instruments NYC Bowlback

    Globe was a brand of the Charles Meisel Company in New York City. I believe they were distributors and importers. I found a listing and historical time line of the company online that mentioned a 1920 ad that described the company as "wholesale dealers,importers, manufacturers, & repairers of stringed instruments; established in 1878."

    The three Globe NY mandolins I have in my files ll look to be made by different companies and not resemble each other or the one posted above.

    Here is a 2006 thread on the subject. Not much more info though.

    I found one lower end model on a site that looks like it was made for them by Luigi Ricca. I imagine that they bought from many makers. One possibility of a maker might be Favilla Brothers which was located in New York and often copied Martin designs such as a sidemounted scratchplate.

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    Default Re: Global Musical Instruments NYC Bowlback

    Jim, thanks for that. I chose not to reactivate that 2006 thread and start again but these is some info there. I have not seen a Favilla bowlback but I agree that the pickguard follows the Martin style a little.

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    Default Re: Global Musical Instruments NYC Bowlback

    I've owned a couple Favilla bowlbacks which are very very nice mandolins. I've seen their sort-of copies of Martin flatbacks, but never of a Martin bowlback.

    But I've never owned a Globe mandolin.

    That would strike me as odd, as I actually think Favilla bowlbacks sound better than Martins....

    Besides some super early highly decorated bowls, I've never really seen a fully asymetrical Favilla bowl as they seemed to heel to the classic Vinaccia design diagram.

    Could they have tried to knock one out on order? Sure.
    There was a lot of design variation / experimentation in their instruments.

    I'd go easy on this, Nick

    It's a pretty long stretch to go from Favilla copying Martin flatbacks to projecting that a bowlback with a Martin-like scratchplate was made by Favilla.

    All that is a pretty nice looking mandolin that appears in pretty good shape.

    Another testimony for keeping your instrument in its case, even if it is a Clown Shoe.

    Any idea of what it sold for?

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