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Thread: Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin

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    Default Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin

    No commercial interest.

    And, I donít post much, so yea. Iím a lurker. And love the guidance I receive here.
    But not only mandolin, but more for tenor guitar. GDAE.

    So Iíve been thinking about an Octave Mandolin. For some time. Love the sound.
    Like searching for hens teeth.
    I went to my local music shop here in Louisville Ky. Steilberg Strings.
    He had 6 of them and I played all of them. Picked the one that sounded good to me.
    Walked out with it with a soft case.

    So, if looking. Give Jim a call.
    And againÖ Itís just an informational post on my part.

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    Default Re: Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin

    I picked up an Eastman MDO305 a few months back. I think it is well made and plays great. No problem with the fit and finish. I did put heavier strings on it and it improved the sound. Still, I am looking for something with a bit deeper sound. Octave mandolins are a bit hard to fine unless you want a guitar shaped one... which I don't. The Eastman will keep me going and someday I may run across something I like better. For the money, it's pretty impossible to beat.
    BTW: I did watch a video comparing the 305 to the new 605. I personally liked the 305 much better. Kind of surprised me considering the price difference.
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    Default Re: Eastman MDO305 Octave Mandolin

    Have you checked at The Mandolin Store?
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