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Thread: Sketchy Gibson F5-G on Reverb?

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    Default Sketchy Gibson F5-G on Reverb?

    I noticed this vastly underpriced Gibson F5-G on Reverb, and every time I check on it, it seems to change its country of origin. It sold the other day from a different European country (I forget which one). Now it's relisted in Belgium.

    This same thing used to happen in waves on eBay - an F5-G, a Snakehead A2, and a late 20s A would all show up on eBay at the same time, ridiculously underpriced by sellers who never sold an instrument before. I would report them as suspicious, then they would reappear the next day from a different seller, and this cycle would repeat over and over.

    Just something to keep an eye on.
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    Default Re: Sketchy Gibson F5-G on Reverb?

    It's a scam. It was listed 2 days ago with the same pictures by a "shop" in "tirol, Austria;" same m.o., one listing only, same pics, same price, a new "shop" with only one listing, included "gear" in the shop name. That account has been disabled.

    A while ago, someone was pulling the same stuff with Gibson and other electric guitars. First, a series of one-listing shops in Mexico, than in Denmark, then another country. Same tricks: very low prices, one listing per shop, multiple new shops with one listing only in the same country, similar ad copy, etc. They posted multiple new listings faster than reverb could disable them.

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    Default Re: Sketchy Gibson F5-G on Reverb?

    That tailpiece looks rather crude to be a genuine Gibson, IMHO

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    Default Re: Sketchy Gibson F5-G on Reverb?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hanson View Post
    That tailpiece looks rather crude to be a genuine Gibson, IMHO

    Dave H
    I don't think anyone doubts the authenticity of the mandolin in the picture and that's how the tailpiece on my F5G looked when I bought it in 2005. Mine was changed to the "The Gibson" cover it now has a little later. The problem is with the seller(s) not the instrument.
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    Default Re: Sketchy Gibson F5-G on Reverb?

    For that price, has "scam" written all over it...

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