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Thread: Gamine - Valse Musette (Jean Linard)

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    Default Gamine - Valse Musette (Jean Linard)

    Jean Linard (c. 1930s): "Gamine" - Valse Musette

    This lovely musette waltz has been in our group repertoire since before I joined 15 years ago, in a transcribed score credited to Johan B. Kok (1889-1954). On making this recording, I have tried to find out more about the piece and have realised that although it comes from a collection of pieces published by Kok, this particular waltz (along with two other pieces from that album also in our repertoire and correctly credited) is actually by Jean Linard. I know little about Linard, but his name appears on a number of old mandolin compositions and arrangements.

    Gamine has always been one of my favourite tunes, a melodic and atmospheric waltz and just a joy to play and listen to. We normally play it rather slower than my recording, but I suspect from the marking as "valse musette" that the faster tempo is more in keeping with the genre.

    There are four parts in the published arrangement: two mandolins, mandola (in G) and guitar. I have doubled the guitar bass notes on mandocello to boost the bass line.

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