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Thread: What is a method?

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    Default What is a method?

    There is a lot of mentioning of "x" method. I nromally just scroll over the but now I want to know what it means?

    Method for building, playing, singing while playing. learning methodically?
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    Default Re: What is a method?

    Quote Originally Posted by poul hansen View Post
    There is a lot of mentioning of "x" method. I nromally just scroll over the but now I want to know what it means?

    Method for building, playing, singing while playing. learning methodically?
    Historically it speaks about methods of learning to play an instrument.

    One noted early example would be the Bickford Method:
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    Default Re: What is a method?

    Suzuki method in Violin, though I should really support the "O'Connor" violin method ( I have no idea what the difference is).
    These generally relate to classical playing, but are generally based on a particular technique and physical approach to making sounds come out of the instrument.
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    Default Re: What is a method?

    Usually it refers to a "master teacher" that has developed a specific path for a certain type of student to learn a certain set of skills. These include techniques and exercises that the creator of the method deemed essential (or at least highly beneficial) based on their experiences. Suzuki is probably the most well known (effectively the mother sits in on lessons with their child until the child wants to take lessons - there's a lot more, but high level, that's about it. There are others though - like the Wernick method for banjo which is well-known in the bluegrass community.

    That doesn't mean all methods are equal - but any method should lay out a clear path to go from one place to another. Often that's from beginner to intermediate, but not always.
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    Default Re: What is a method?

    Lots of vintage instruction books are labeled as the "XXX Method for the Mandolin." Usually refers to the musician/teacher who had them printed.
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    Default Re: What is a method?

    Many of the mandolin methods, even ones published today derive from violin methods and adapt these exercises, etudes, etc. for a plectrum instrument tuned the same as a violin. Obviously they leave out the bow and include or adapt those pieces for the plectrum.

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    Default Re: What is a method?

    Don't we have some great moderators on this site. Some pretty good members too. Thanks to all for giving me a nice daily dose of this stuff.

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