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Thread: Chopping my way through Jack-a-Roe

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    Default Chopping my way through Jack-a-Roe

    In a quest to try and improve my rhythm playing, I've been working on developing interesting/nice rhythm parts for several tunes.

    One that I've decided to work on is Jack-A-Roe by the Grateful Dead(actually, it's an old traditional tune, but I like this version).

    There is no mandolin on the track, which is nice, because I can just "sit in". The first strategy that came to mind for me is to try and chop through the chords on beats 2 and 4. The song is simple, and I can easily play through the chords on my guitar, but I can't really get together a decent sounding part on mandolin.

    Chords are as follows and just repeat throughout the song:


    I've been using these fingerings:
    Am 2235
    C 523x
    E7 465x
    F 23xx

    But I just can't seem to get a good sounding part together. Any suggestions on adding a part of you were to sit in on this recording of this tune? Or any other general rhythm playing tips?

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    Default Re: Chopping my way through Jack-a-Roe

    Great tune. Maybe not always play an E7. Maybe just E like 467X. Maybe try F like 5301. Just a couple of thoughts.

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    Default Re: Chopping my way through Jack-a-Roe

    This version is in Em but should give some good ideas. Dawg plays great rhythm! He plays rhythm all over the neck


    *echoing Steve's suggestion, the B7s could just be Bs sometimes. Tasters choice

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