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Thread: Tone traveler?

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    Default Tone traveler?

    Been hearing about the Tone Traveler. I would like to hear from those who have actually used one. As well, I would like to hear (intelligent) thoughts/comments on the TT vs. the Toneright. Thanks,


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    Default Re: Tone traveler?

    I own 2 models of tone-rite. I use them on new instruments or those that haven't been played in awhile. The tone-rite has adjustable amplitude but not frequency.

    My subjective observation: After using the tone-rite on an instrument for a period of time, I perceive an increase in volume that I find to be an improvement consistent with a well played instrument. Some instruments seem to respond better than others.

    Thoughts on the Tone Traveller: I think that the ability to tailor the frequencies used to the instruments is a big advantage over the TR. I think the ability to use one device across several types of instruments is an advantage. 2 TRs for 2 different instrument types cost more than 1 TT that works on many instrument types.

    I will likely purchase a TT in the near future. I don't fault the doubters. I've heard lots of folks' opinions on both sides for TR, and I'm sure the TT elicits the same responses. One thing I rarely hear is someone who used one per instructions on a suitable candidate instrument* and found that it made no discernable difference.

    * A suitable candidate instrument in my opinion would be a professional quality instrument that was either new/relatively new or old but had not been played for a long time.

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    Default Re: Tone traveler?

    I just put my order in. I'll do a bunch of "testing" when I get mine. Seeing Gilchrist using one pushed me over the fence to buying it.

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    Default Re: Tone traveler?

    Just for the conversation's sake --

    Roger Siminoff had a process he offered that used a similar method . He had it set up in a small vacation trailer and involved numerous steps. I don't know what they were or if he still offers it but it did provide an improvement on one of my mandolins.

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    Default Re: Tone traveler?

    I have had both the Tonerite and the Tone Traveller. I sold both of my tonerites for guitar and mandolin after using the Tone Traveler.

    The Tone Traveler is completely different from the Tonerite because it is customizable to the instrument using specific note frequencies. I have a 2006 Duff F5 and a 1979 Randy Wood F5. After applying the TT to both instruments, within a few hours you can tell a distinct difference in tone and volume. It’s similar to the way an instrument “wakes up” after not having been played for a while. It really is remarkable the difference it makes.

    The other really nice benefit to the TT in contrast to the Tonerite is you only need one for all your instruments. It works equally well on guitars and yes - even on my old banjos.

    I highly recommend the Tone Traveler. You will not be disappointed.

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    Default Re: Tone traveler?

    I found the following video to be eye-opening.

    Summarizing, a guitar on a stand has the Tone Traveler attached, with a microphone and stand set up a short distance away as well.

    The microphone signal is recorded into an audio workstation.

    The Tone Traveler is activated.

    At the end of the treatment session, a slice from the beginning of the recording of the guitar during treatment is compared to a slice from the end of the same treatment session recording.

    The amplitude is clearly louder, even though the input signal is of the same strength throughout.

    In other words, the guitar put out measurably more volume from the identical input at the bridge at the end of the session compared to the very beginning of the session.


    The brilliance of the experiment, to me at least, lays in the elimination of possible variance in picking technique. The speaker runs almost continuously, except the moment when it ran out of charge and they had to plug it in. Even if one eliminates anything beyond that moment in the recording though, the ability of the soundboard to effectively transmit the bridge vibration to the air as sound at that point was still much more than at the beginning of the session.

    No arguments about how the human ear can't effectively judge such things.

    No reliance upon any "authority" making proclamations about not hearing a difference.

    Just a repeatable experiment, currently demonstrating an increase in volume over time with no change in input.

    That video led to me purchasing one, and it works as demonstrated.

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    Default Re: Tone traveler?

    Might want to also look at this currently active Cafe' thread:

    Thread: Gilchrist Using The Tone Traveler On Mike Compton's Mandolin
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    Default Re: Tone traveler?

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