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Thread: Big Muddy/Mid-Missouri on SGW

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    Default Big Muddy/Mid-Missouri on SGW

    Title says it all. Thought yall might be interested in it.
    I guess I'll just stay right here, pick and sing a while...
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    Default Re: Big Muddy/Mid-Missouri on SGW

    Closer than many SGW listings. Sometimes there are better prices, for lack of competition, on misidentified items: this one is under ‘guitars’ only. One of my better bowl backs was a ‘ukulele’ - a category not routinely searched by people looking for mandolins. This week, another one is a ‘percussion’, and so forth. The search function also is literal and will not guess at wrong spelling. At least there’s a photo from the side indicating no severe neck issue!
    Can be annoying too: I was looking for a viola, which has it’s own category, but it’s impossible to tell, given the skimpy descriptions, whether they know that a violin isn’t a viola, or what size. A couple of the (independent) SGW operations seem to have people on board who know how to describe string instruments; most don’t.

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    Default Re: Big Muddy/Mid-Missouri on SGW

    Ah, but therein lies the opportunity! I had a lot of fun hunting for hidden deals on ebay from mispelled listings when it was still new
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