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    Hey all, just joined. Looking forward to learning. Not really a beginner........but sorta I guessl Still a lot I need to learn. Right now I'm slowing Monroe tunes down on YouTube and learning the breaks. Glad to be here.

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    Welcome, Monroefan. You have joined a site that has great, I mean great information, knowledgeable folks and some humor. Our world is wild and wacky, but beware of MAS. Good luck
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    Welcome aboard
    Michael Wilson

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    I have the DVD's from Homespun about Monroe mandolin. How are they?

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    Welcome to the cafe’.

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    Do not do these exercises. MAS is nothing!

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    Glad to have you here.

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    I know far less about Bill than a great many Forum participants, but welcome aboard. Don't be shy with your questions; you're in a supportive group.
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    Welcome to the Cafe, if you’re interested in Monroe-style playing there are lots of threads about Chris Henry’s Monroe style curriculum he’s been doing for several years now. A great resource for learning Monroe style playing, here’s the link to his website.
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    Welcome to the cafe!
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    Welcome! Glad you have found us.

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    I have no idea why the "New Gal" posted on the same day, actually a few hours LATER than you, had nearly twice the responses...

    It's a good bunch here, but it can get expensive.
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