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Thread: Ottawa, Canada left-handed Oscar Schmidt f8

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    Default Ottawa, Canada left-handed Oscar Schmidt f8

    That header should have been "Oscar Schmidt f-style." I have an f8, so my "autopilot" typed that.

    My sweetheart told me she received a Facebook message today, reading as follows:

    "To whom it may concern, Ottawa left-hander musical friends -- there is a left-handed, f-model, Oscar Schmidt mandolin at Value Village on Merivale Rd, for $150. It looked and felt clean, decent and solid."

    I haven't seen it, and I can't find any online listing for individual items, but if any lefties in the Ottawa, Ontario region want to check it out, it was there today. The person who sent out the Facebook message is a professional musician, a multi-instrumentalist, well-known in Ottawa, so I trust her evaluation. Comparing online prices, this seems more than fair.

    Store website: You can phone first.

    (Please let me know if you buy or examine and reject it -- simply because I'm curious.)
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