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    Just wondering where I should pitch the sale price of my Girouard. I bought this about 5 years ago from a UK shop.(I live in Scotland). The mandolin is in good condition, and I have had a K and K pick up installed in it by a very reputable luthier .The case that the mandolin came in was too big and there is a small ding on the top of the mando which I think was caused by the ill-fitting case (on the journey home from the shop probably). I have an A model Eastman case which is snug/safe fit for the Girouard. I have newly strung it with Thomastik medium flatwounds, which very much suit the mandolin. Thank you for your help.

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    An A5 studio lists at $4500 on their website, let your conscience be your guide.

    About 75% list would be reasonable, maybe more, since they're so hard to get.
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    Put it in the classifieds here with the price you want for it. Remember shipping and the tip to MC when pricing.

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    Cheers Bill. That's useful

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    Thanks. Yes will do

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