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Thread: The latest Magic from Lake Gnotuk (Australia)

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    Default The latest Magic from Lake Gnotuk (Australia)

    Steve Gilchrist is now well advanced with his latest batch (#54) of wonderful mandolins. So fascinating and inspiring to follow the crafting progress of each of these bespoke instruments

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    Default Re: The latest Magic from Lake Gnotuk (Australia)

    Look and yearn is all I can afford to do.

    I don't know exactly where SG's workshop is, but my father's cousin had a farm on the western slopes of Gnotuk (the lake's in the crater of a dormant volcano, like so many on the southwestern Victoria plains). It's a funny feeling to see this obscure (even locally) location mentioned on an international website.

    The last time I was at the farm, we were at their golden wedding and my eldest, now approaching 35, was a babe-in-arms, so it must have been early 1988.
    I don't know if any of his kids took over the farm, so maybe it was parcelled up and sold.

    It would tickle me pink if Steve's place was on the old farm or adjacent to it but I doubt it would earn me a discount!

    Anyway, I was in Australia this March and was talking to a mandolin player after a gig.
    He showed me his Gil (2005 I think) and said he was taking delivery of a new ordered one soon.
    "Wow" I said, "That'll cost a packet"
    "Nah" he said, "Me dad's payin' for it"
    "That's a good dad!" was all I could say.

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