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Thread: Guitar flight case in overhead?

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    Just a heads up here. I flew, with my mandolin, cross country last week on American and things have changed . First of all, at one security check they took the mando to a different scanner and opened it up and which I never had happen before. At a connecting flight the gal insisted that I gate check it because "it won't fit in the overhead bin". After telling her I just had put it in the overhead bin on the last flight and a call to her supervisor they let me carry it on. To be fair, I think she just saw that it was an instrument and didn't think about the size.
    Flying is expensive and not fun right now. With ticket prices so high, folks are tying to save money by carrying on as much as possible. Can't blame them, just be prepared because things are different.

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    FWIW, I flew from Denver to Minneapolis and back on Southwest and carried on a mandolin in a Calton. I payed for early boarding and there were no problems even though both flights were 100% full.

    Unrelated, TSA briefly stopped me in MSP to ask what instrument they just scanned. When I responded, they said “huh, it didn’t look like a mandolin” but did not require that I open the case.

    In addition to arriving early with a case you trust, you might consider insuring your instrument. Many thanks to Calton and Heritage.

    Good luck!

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